Sharon van
online portfolio
web + graphic design

A sushi delivery webshop.

Studie Source

A 1.0 concept for a website where parents can find information on school related things for their children.

New techniques

A project to showcase some of the webdesign trends in 2016. Working link coming soon!


Product interface created for an original concept. The NeuroAlarm is an application for your phone, which will wake you up when having nightmares or when your brainactivity is too high.

Perfect places

A 1.0 prototype of a web app created to showcase some of the hotspots in Rotterdam.


A concept website for students to apply or submit jobs.

Book of Proof

A collection of work I've done over the course of my internship in the year 2016

Movie poster

A concept movie poster for the fairy tail "The Girl Without Hands" by the Grimm Brothers.

I am Sharon. I am a fourth year Interactive Media Design student at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam in the Netherlands. During my last 4 years of education, I have gained a lot of experience working with a wide variety of media design related programs, mainly focussing on web and graphic design. I am an enthusiastic team player, eager to learn more about the different kinds of assets in the designer world and much more.